In a year that has brought business closures, a national reckoning over racial justice, and a world health crisis, Americans headed to the polls to cast ballots from the city commission to the presidency, with former Vice President Joe Biden defeating Donald Trump to become the nation’s 46th president.
Locally, Todd Alcott won the race for Bowling Green mayor, beating write-in candidates Tom Morris and Chris Page.

In the Bowling Green City Commission race, incumbents Sue Parrigin and Dana Beasley-Brown were reelected, while Carlos Bailey and Melinda Hill were also chosen by voters to join them on the four-person commission.

Talisman photographers chronicled the campaigns of Morris and Page for mayor and Francisco Serrano for city commission as they navigated an election cycle unlike any other.

During an evening of campaigning in Bowling Green, city commission candidate Francisco Serrano put up a sign in a supporter’s yard. Serrano’s campaign team set up an online order form for anyone who wanted a sign or T-shirt delivered. As an employee at the local health department, Serrano is adamant about keeping others safe in the campaigning process. “No amount of votes could equal risking someone’s health,” Serrano said. (Photo by Jacob Latimer)
Chris Page speaks with Warren County Magistrate Tom Lawrence outside Page’s barbershop in the Shake Rag district of Bowling Green. Page ran for mayor of Bowling Green, facing opposition in the race from Todd Alcott and Tom Morris. Morris and Page were both beaten in the election by Alcott. (Photo by Jack Dobbs)
Chris Page is the owner of Shake Rag Barbershop in Bowling Green. In his shop a print of the March on Washington sits behind a flyer encouraging people to vote. (Photo by Jack Dobbs)
Bowling Green city commission candidate Francisco Serrano speaks at a candidate forum organized by the BG Freedom Walkers. Serrano was one of ten candidates aiming for a spot on the four-person commission, losing the election with only 9% of the vote. (Photo by Jack Dobbs)
Mayoral write-in candidate Chris Page voices his platform at a local candidate rally held by the BG Freedom Walkers. Page is the owner of Shake Rag Barbershop and often works with Curbside Ministries. (Photo by Jacob Latimer)
Joined by his daughter Shatavia Barber, Chris Page speaks before the crowd at an election night watch party, going over the numbers for the mayoral race as they came in. By the end of Election Day, Todd Alcott had received 100% of the mayoral vote. Because Alcott was a balloted candidate and Page was a write-in, all of the votes that were not cast for Alcott had to be counted by hand. After all the votes were counted, Alcott was declared winner over Page and Tom Morris, another write-in candidate. (Photo by Jack Dobbs)
After mayoral write-in candidate Tom Morris ordered a T-shirt in support of Serrano’s campaign, Serrano hand-delivered the shirt to Morris, alongside his wife. Morris and Serrano attended multiple local events together throughout the campaign. (Photo by Jacob Latimer)
Jammal Cooper (seated) prepares to receive a haircut from Chris Page at his barbershop. Page launched a bid for mayor of Bowling Green for the 2020 election, saying he prayed “for like five days” before he decided to enter the race. Page ran against Tom Morris, another write-in candidate, and Todd Alcott, the only mayoral candidate that was named on the ballot. Alcott emerged victorious in the race, with Page receiving just over a thousand votes. (Photo by Jack Dobbs)